Cesar Gomez
Senior Product Designer
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Cesar Gomez, Senior Product Designer

Greetings! I'm Cesar, a Senior Product Designer engaged in the world of enterprise software since 2010. My expertise covers the entire design lifecycle, cohesively integrating UX and UI workflows. I specialize in creating design strategies, frameworks, documentation, and guidelines. I design intuitive and engaging user experiences for large-scale SaaS, B2B, B2C, desktop, mobile & AI applications.

As a 'full-stack product designer' I've extensive experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which I use mainly to prototype, test and preview conceptual ideas. I easily collaborate with developers, other teams and stakeholders, ensuring a smooth process of design → development → iteration. Some skills I use to achieve the best possible solutions include: ideation, planning, user flows, wireframes, prototypes (both, Figma and code), testing, and iterative refinement.

In my everyday work, I apply the foundations of user-centered design: visual appeal & harmony, interactivity, hierarchy; web standards and accessibility, reusable components, atomic design, documentation of technical specs & usability guides...

Let's bring your vision to life through thoughtful design!

oracle: color usage and UI elements oracle: consumer facing app example oracle: interface light theme with tabular data oracle: interface dark theme with tabular data oracle: default dark color theme for HR app oracle: default light theme for HR app oracle: custom violet theme for HR app oracle: dashboard landing: desktop, tablet & mobile versions oracle: digital banner: horizontal & vertical oracle: sizes & breakpoints for different components oracle: page header component: create & edit oracle: diagram nodes examples oracle: image card with different size versions and documentation example
ProScullery: digital app main screen ProScullery: example of grids, text and color ProScullery: exaple of definition of hierarchies in the main component ProScullery: example of app in mobile and tablet devices ProScullery: example of main screen and map section ProScullery: example of different color schemes
main screen
different layout for big screens definition of UI elements and documentation
app main screen with custom made logo definition of logotype logotype among its mobile icon application
book cover book covers book from back different posters book pictograms presentation cards with info and pictograms presentation cards from back with illustrations posters close-up postcards view with photo and data poster close-up printed envelopes for mail application to CD with info and pictograms simple poster cups and physical surface application print pictograms posters: thw two versions side by side pictograms close-up in printed media
UX design & UI development text elements and custom logotype main screen in tablet size gif showing the design process and layout of the elements
animation of a pictogram animation of simple elements used widely
main logotype design elements like color, text and different logo applications 3D rendering of application in sale products
label main application on bottle label view without bottle in flat and curved versions label view with grid and proportions and individual elements moodboard label view in color label close-up showing details 3D render of bottle with label in front view 3D render close-up with transparent bottle application 3D render of label with no elements elements close-up
cover fold showing pages of typefaces typeface elements heraldic and its lines meanings fold showing text and some illustrations close-up of some illustrations close-up of a fold with some historic background fold of the art noveau section close-up of the art noveau section